Guinea Pig Cages – Building Your Own

Guinea pigs are lovable small creatures. They make great pets, tend to be not too difficult to look after and will be really friendly if they are raised properly and kindness. One very important step in bringing a guinea-pig in to the residence is providing adequate housing.

Pet store cages are a choice that lots of men and women choose. These are typically certainly convenient. All one needs do is choose one and take it residence. The most important drawback is that most cages are too tiny and confining to guarantee a wholesome environment for the pig. Bigger cages can often be extremely tough locate – and also when they’re available, they may be extremely high priced.

A very viable second option would be to grow your own cage. You can not only save your self a bundle of income by building a cage, you could get exactly the cage you want with the addition of any custom features you therefore want. First and foremost, you are able to your cage adequate so your pig can get adequate exercise to stay pleased and healthier.

The initial step will be to design the cage. The most crucial item become considered will be the proportions of cage. The following estimated de facto standards for minimum cage dimensions is available with a fast search on the internet. Your cage should offer at least the minimal square footage advised:

* One guinea pig: 6-7 sq. ft.

* Two guinea pigs: 7.5 sq. ft.

* three-guinea pigs: 10.5 sq. ft.

* Four guinea pigs: 13 sq. ft.

A cage building technology known as C and C (cubes and coroplast) has become well-known in recent years. This process utilizes metal girds to create the walls of this cage (and optionally a premier and base). A corrugated synthetic sheet is employed to make the litter cooking pan or cat litter box on cage. The grids are accompanied using either plastic connections created for this function or tie-wrap (zip link) fasteners.

The grids tend to be each 14-inches square. Which means that your cage design could be any shape and size that can be formed using 14-inch x 14-inch squares. Numerous cage design variants are possible including squares, rectangles, triangle – as well as multi-level cages with ramps for going between levels.

From our knowledge as cage designers and designers, multi-level cages will be the preferred. And most guinea pigs seem to love all of them. In addition to ramp between levels can provide additional workout for the animal.

Designing and building a C and C cage for your guinea pig(s) is something that almost anybody can do. No unique skills or tools are necessary. All it will require is only a little planning and access to just the right products. Instead, you can even buy a C&C cage kit online from an established seller. Interested in witnessing a C&C cage? Mouse click Now on a hyperlink when you look at the resource field below to see some quality revolutionary C&C cage design kits.

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