Top 7 Fixes for a Slow Computer by Reno Computer Services

1. Too much software working slows your pc straight down. Whenever installing computer software, some programs enable on their own to start with Windows. The more programs that start with windows, the more system resources are unnecessarily being used up. It is simple to see just what programs are running in multiple means. These are the methods i favor.

A: verify what number of icons you can find from the right-side of the taskbar (where in fact the clock is).

B: The best way is press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE and go directly to the ‘Processes’ tab. You will notice a list of what exactly is running on the computer, in addition to simply how much RAM and processor each is utilizing.

Reno Computer Remedy: head to Start -> Run and kind msconfig (Vista/7 people type msconfig into the search field). On the startup loss it is possible to select or deselect things, choosing exactly what starts with Microsoft windows. In addition, go to begin -> All Programs -> business. Deleting things in this folder will prevent all of them from beginning with Windows.

2. Fragmentation for the hard disk. Whenever you conserve papers, surf cyberspace, install pc software, etc. your computer or laptop is performing a great deal behind-the-scenes. Fragmentation takes place when Microsoft windows processes save components of information in numerous areas regarding the disk drive in place of in a systematic order. The result is the system has got to go looking for everyone items of information. Aided by the disk fragmentation, it will take longer for the computer to locate all of the pieces necessary to do various things. This decelerates your system.

Reno Computer Remedy: visit begin -> All Programs -> Accessories -> program Tools -> Disk Defragmenter. Do not interrupt the scanner although it’s working. I will suggest establishing it to operate whenever you go to sleep, like that it can operate when you won’t be deploying it. Turn fully off screen savers and system standby besides to stop interruption. You can easily operate Disk Defragmenter once per week by using your system a whole lot, otherwise once per month does.

3. Spyware. While not constantly destructive in intent, malware can bog down your computer or laptop and breach your privacy. It can be something from a cookie that tracks your online searching habits being provide even more focused advertising, or could be something as harmful as a vital logger that detects every keystroke you will be making on your computer with all the intent of giving someone else your passwords, bank card figures, etc. Somehow, you do not need some of these on your own system.

Reno Computer treatment: i suggest Spybot Search & Destroy, it really is FREE. It could be found at This pc software will identify and take away any Spyware threats, earnestly monitor for almost any brand-new threats and it is capable of being put up on a schedule. At Reno Computer, I run this every single day while i am asleep, but once per week will suffice.

4. Viruses. Each of them may be found in numerous kinds (viruses, trojans, worms, etc.), and you wouldn’t like some of them on the system.

Reno Computer Remedy: I Suggest AVG Virus Computer Software. Besides being among the best Virus removers i have found, additionally it is COMPLIMENTARY. You will find it at Like Research & Destroy, we run this everyday while I’m asleep, but weekly can do fine.

5. Registry Errors. Your Microsoft windows Registry may be the anchor of one’s system. It stores file places for needed Windows procedures, paths to papers also files, shortcut paths, etc. periodically, whenever one thing gets changed within Microsoft windows, the registry does not get modified properly. When this occurs it causes mistake communications and slow performance. This might be the culprit behind your slow system.

Reno Computer treatment: CCleaner is a free tool that get a hold of error and un-clutter your registry. Grab it at

6. Not enough RAM. RAM is temporary storage, unlike your hard drive, employed by the os to load programs and swap files. When they are not any longer required, they’ve been taken out of your RAM. Inadequate RAM is a sure solution to slow a computer to a crawl.

Reno Computer Remedy: First, see first. If it fails, including RAM is a relatively inexpensive means increase your personal computer. is a great site for determining what kind of RAM you may need and it has great installation guides.

7. Hard Disk Drive Filling Up. Whenever you hard disk starts to get complete you will begin noticing your computer or laptop slowing. Go here when you go to My Computer -> appropriate click on the (C:) and click properties. When you have house windows Vista/7 you will probably see how much no-cost hard drive area you’ve got without entering the properties.

Reno Computer Remedy: Go through your songs, picture, movie and installed files to see if you have whatever you can erase to release area. In addition, look at your Recycle Bin to make sure it really is vacant. As an alternative, including a second hard disk drive is often an alternative.

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